Christian Dan Trust

Light Work Under The Authority Of Jesus Christ

Formed to combat the shadow that lives under our mirror.

We are bombarded with constant violence and non-stop immorality into our airwaves that contributes to causing suicides, self infliction, and demoralization.

We want everyone reading this to know something:

Life is not a constant nightmare; nor is it a place to treat each other poorly based on how we treat ourselves.

It is a colorful experience, filled with both joy and hard experiences.

As those lessons show us to treat ourselves better; we in turn end up treating others in kind through our reflection, the way Jesus would have intended us to do so.

There is much suffering in the world, and work must be done to clear what we see before us.

If you would like our help, you can take time off the calendar, view services or donate.

Only truth and love are real here in service to others

Following the Law Of The Land: The Golden Rule; we help people resolve:

  • Leaders who need coaching in morality and understanding what is the right thing to do, using the golden rule: "To treat others as you would want to be treated" and applying that to their life for success.

  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders that need business or life direction.

  • Those who feel life is up against them, that have given up on everything and are apathetic towards living.

  • Others who feel the world is in an apocalyptic state and need positive coaching to get out of their doomsday mindset.

  • Combating the shadow that permeates itself through the media and in our mainstream culture and gives us negative self-talk that leads to suicides or harming others.

  • Service to others with scientific and educational material and advancement to those in need.

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To bring back mental health to others; too many people we have encountered that have suffered mental health issues post and pre-covid.

In service to our King: Yeshua Hamashiach; Jesus The Messiah